Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Tour Package​

Lowest Price, Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Service

Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Tour Package​

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Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Tour Package

Maa Baglamukhi Siddhpith

Lowest Price, Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Service

We promise to make your Baglamukhi Darshan taxi tour enjoyable and memorable with the highest service at the lowest price. In the Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Tour Package, you will visit all the famous temples as well as all the famous sightseeing places. Our experienced and expert drivers who know the city of Baglamukhi well will show you the historical and mythological significance of the temples. We will help you get to know the tourist places closely.

Baglamukhi Darshan Taxi Tour Package​ Site Visit- Maa Baglamukhi Temple and Shri Baidhyanth Mahadev



About Maa Baglamukhi Temple

Tantra and Siddha Ksheta

A grand temple of Maa Bagalamukhi is situated on the banks of river Lakhundar in Nalkheda of Agar Malwa district. This temple is important from a religious and tantric point of view. The mirchi Havan here is famous worldwide for tantra cultivation and for alleviating the sufferings on it. It is said that in the city where the mother Baglamukhi is enthroned, she cannot even see the crisis.

It is said that the idol of the self-proclaimed mother is of the Mahabharata period. Here Yudhishthira meditated on the direction of Shri Krishna and conquered the Kauravas. This place is still known for miracles. Many saints and saints from the country and abroad practice Tantra. Mother Bagalamukhi is the power that destroys disease, hostile speech, and all sorrows and sins. Trishakti Maa Virajit is in this temple.

It is believed that in the middle there are Maa Bagalamukhi, right mother Lakshmi and left mother Saraswati. The temple of Trishakti Maa is nowhere else in India. Belpatra, Champa, White, Fig, Amla and Neem and Peepal (together) are located. This is evidence of the mother Baglamukhi being interviewed. The shrines of many saints are in a dilapidated state on the banks of the river Lakhundar (ancient name Lakshmana) behind the temple. This is proof of the large number of saints living in the temple.

The temple complex has a 16 pillared sabha mandapa, built 255 years ago in Samvat 1816 by Pandit Ebuji Southern artisan Sri Tularam. In this assembly pavilion, there is a turtle facing the mother, which proves that in the old times, the mother was sacrificed. Right in front of the temple is the Deepmalika, about 80 feet high. It is said to have been built by Maharaja Vikramaditya. There is also a Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple, a north-facing Gopal temple and a temple of Purvamukhi Bhairavji in the temple complex itself. Main Gate Singhmukhi is also unique in itself.

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