Omkareshwar Darshan Taxi Tour Package​

Lowest Price, Omkareshwar Darshan Taxi Service

Omkareshwar Darshan Taxi Tour Package​

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Omkareshwar Darshan Taxi Tour Package

Holy City of Maa Narmada

Lowest Price, Omkareshwar Darshan Taxi Service

We promise to make your Omkareshwar Darshan taxi tour enjoyable and memorable with the highest service at the lowest price. In the Ujjain Darshan Taxi Tour Package, you will visit all the famous temples as well as all the famous sightseeing places. Our experienced and expert drivers who know the city of Omkareshwar well will show you the historical and mythological significance of the temples. We will help you get to know the tourist places closely.

Omkareshwar Darshan Taxi Tour Package​ Site Visit- Shri Omakreshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Shri Mamleshwar Temple, Maa Narmada Ghat, Shani Mandir, Bhairav mandir, Indore Khajrana Mandir



About Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

Maa Narmada Ghat

The fourth Jyotirlinga of the 12 Jyotirlingas is Omkareshwar. It is located in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. Two bioclikings are worshiped here. Omkareshwar and Amaleshwar. It is described in chapter 18 of the Kotirudrasamhita of Shivpuran. It is the only Jyotirlinga which is situated on the northern bank of Narmada.

It is said that this coast is shaped in shape. Here, 18 Shivalingas made of clay are prepared by Ahilyabai Holkar daily and immersed in the Narmada River. The temple building is five storeyed. This is Jyotirlinga Panchmukhi. People believe that Lord Shiva visits the three locos and rests here.

Only at night the Shiva Aarti of Lord Shiva is performed here. It is said that all the problems of devotees go away here. It is also said that you can do all pilgrimages but are incomplete without seeing Omkareshwar. That is why devotees come here in large numbers from far and wide.

Once Narada ji reached Vindhyachal mountain while traveling. Mount Vindhyachal welcomed Narada ji and said that I am full of all virtues, I have everything, every kind of wealth, reached before Narada.

Narada ji, listening to Vindhyachal's proud words, drew a long breath and stood quietly. Then Vindhyachal asked Narada ji what deficiency did you see with me. Seeing which you drew a long breath. Then Narada said that you have everything but you are not higher than Sumeru mountain.

The portion of that mountain has reached the realms of the gods and the part of your peak will never reach there. Saying this, Narada went away from there. But Vindhyachal, standing there, felt very sad and heart started mourning.

Then he decided to worship Lord Shiva. Where there is an omnipotent Omkar, he installed the Shiva lingam and worshiped continuously for 6 months with a happy heart. In this way Shiva Lord ji was overjoyed and appeared there. He told Vindhya that I am very happy with you. You can ask for any boon.

Then Vindhya said that if you are really happy with me, then give me wisdom that will prove your work. Then Shiva ji told him that I grant you that the kind of work you want to do is proven.

After offering the groom, some gods and sages also came there. They all worshiped Lord Shiva and prayed that Lord! You sit here forever. Lord Shiva was very pleased. Lord Shiva, who did public welfare, obeyed those people and that Omkar Linga divided into two genders. The earthly linga which was created by Vindhya is known as Parmeshwar Linga and the lord where Shiva was established is called Omkara Linga. Parmeshwar Linga is also called Amaleshwar Linga and since then both of them became famous in the Shivling world.

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